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Eighteen Step Form Listing

by Nick Gudge with assistance from Aarvo Tucker and Mike Miller

A listing of the  Postures of Chen Zhenglei’s Eighteen Movement Taiji Form  

The eighteen movement form was created by Chen Zhenglei from the Old Frame first form of Chen Style (Laojia Yi Lu). It is only one quarter the length of the Laojia and consequently less demanding to learn. It is an excellent form to practice for the those interested in the development of good health and a stepping stone to learning the longer and more complex Old Frame first form (Laojia yi lu).


1 Preparing Form                                           Yù bèi shì               预备式

2 Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar     Jīn gāng dǎo duì      金刚捣碓

3 Lazy About Tying Coat                                 Lǎn zhā yī               懒扎衣

4 Six Sealing And Four Closing                        Liù fēng sì bì           六封四闭

5 Single Whip                                               Dān biān                单鞭

6 The White Crane Spreads It’s Wings             Bái hè liàng chì       白鹤亮翅

8 Brush Knee                                                Lōu xī                    搂膝

7 Walk Forward Diagonally                              Xié xíng                 斜行

9 Stepping Lightly (Three Steps Forward)          ào bù                    拗步

10 Cover Hands Punch                                   Yǎn shǒu hōng chuí 掩手肱捶

11 High Pat On Horse                                    Gāo tàn mǎ            高探马

12 Kick With Left Heel                                   Dèng yī gēn            蹬一根

13 The Jade Girl Works At Shuttles                  Yù nu chuān suō     玉女穿梭

14 Wave Hand                                              Yùn shǒu                运手

15 Turn Body with Double Lotus Kick                Zhuǎn shēn bǎi lián 转身摆莲

16 The Cannon Fist Over Head                       Dāng tóu pào          当头炮

17 Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar  Jīn gāng dǎo duì      金刚捣碓

18 Finishing Form                                         Shōu shì                 收势

This is the form Nick Gudge teaches to students in his tai chi classes after they have completed the loosening and stretching and movement comprehension process undertaken in the beginners phase of learning. Nick Gudge teaches tai chi classes in Limerick.