Taijiquan-articles-cxw Section

This section contains Articles written with or about Chen Xiao Wang.  He is considered one of the top three taijiquan practitioners alive today, along with his cousin Chen Zheng Lei and Wang Xian.

NB. These articles still need editing as there are formatting errors. I hope to complete this editing by the end of Nov. 2012.

  1. Carrying the burden of taiji legacy by C. P. Ong

  2. Silk Reeling Energy Skills by Marvin Smalheiser

  3. Training Advice for Chenjiagou Taijiquan

  4. Keeper of the Taiji Secrets

  5. Five Levels of Skill in Tai Chi Training By H.Choy and A.Chia

  6. Visit with Chen Xiaowang by J. Mackenzie Stewart

  7. A Discussion with Chen Xiao Wang

  8. The Five Levels of Gong Fu by Tan Lee-Peng