Taijiquan-articles-czl Section

This section contains Articles written for or by Chen Zheng Lei. Chen Zheng Lei is one of the top three taijiquan practitioners alive today, along with his cousin Chen Xiao Wang and Wang Xian. He was Wang Hai Jun's teacher and is widely recognised as the most knowlegeable person about taijiquan alive today.

NB. These articles still need editing as there are formatting errors. I hope to complete this editting by the end of Nov. 2012

  1. A Conversation with Chen Zheng Lei by Herb Rich
  2. An Interview with Chen Zhenglei by Alex Yao
  3. Chen Style Silk Reeling Practice by Chen Zheng Lei and Gao Xiao Hui with De Ru
  4. Views on relaxation and set out energy of Chen Family Tai Chi Quan by Grand master Chen Zheng-lei 
  5. Handing Down the Family Treasure of Chen Taijiquan by Martha Burr
  6. How to Practice Taijiquan Well by Grand Master Chen Zheng Lei   (re-edited by Nick Gudge)
  7. The Method and Progression of Chen-style Taijiquan Training by Chen Zheng Lei (re-edited by Nick Gudge)
  8. Systematic Training By Chen Zheng Lei 
  9. Method for Practicing Chen-style Tai Chi Quan (I) by Grand Master Chen Zheng Lei   (re-edited by Nick Gudge)
Some of these articles have been re-edited by me to make them readable as the quality of the English in translation was so poor. This has been done with the approval of Chen Zheng Lei through my teacher Wang Hai Jun. Some of these articles have been recently retranslated and are now available in Chen Zheng Lei's recently published book series.